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MounaMay’s Belly Dance with fan veils will certainly put you in the mood!

At the Fair, five members of the company will perform Tahia’s Dance, an Oriental Dance in Classic Egyptian style

There is no form of dance so closely interwoven with the music as oriental dance. The body of the dancer shows what the ear hears. Often intuitive and emotional.

The MounaMay Bellydance School provides weekly dance classes at different levels in The Hague.

These classes are in Dutch as well as in English. The dance school is located at the Koorenhuis and at Cloud Dancelab in downtown The Hague.



For more information visit the website



MounaMay’s performance is part of the Podium Programme which will entertain visitors at the Fair. Entrance to the Fair is free if you register in advance. Click the link below for up to 4 Free Tickets:





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