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How to Write for Love & Money: A Mini-Writing Workshop

What does it take to write professionally? What does it mean to write for yourself?

This workshop offers insights into how to advance your writing—whether you’re a business writer, a novelist, or someone in between.

At this hour-long workshop, we’ll explore:

– how the market distinguishes amateurs from professionals.

– how to cultivate writing as a profession.

– how to grow as a creative writer.

You’ll also have the opportunity to schedule a private consultation about your writing.



Attendance at all of the Fair workshops is free for Fair visitors. You can sign up for this workshop here and click below for your Free Fair tickets.




Lisa Friedman is a career writer and educator. She founded the Amsterdam Writing Workshops and the Institute for Business Writing. Feel free to contact Lisa at + 31 (0)62 502 0817.

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