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What makes me feel at home in the Netherlands?

Well there are quite a few things, one definitely being my relatives, who live about an hour away in Utrecht. Another would be the house I’ve lived in for about 1 year now. We’ve had to put a lot of effort into making the place ‘home’ as this is the first house my parents have actually bought here.

My football team Voorschoten 97 also plays a large part in making me feel at home, as the people I play with, are a team I really do like and I enjoy myself while playing with them.

Not to mention my school, The British School in The Netherlands,  where I have been able to make lots of friends and I have a great time.

Gabriel was born in Thailand, but is half Dutch and half Thai. He has lived in Holland now for about 4 years.

He is interested in and plays a lot of sports, the main one being Football. 

He is a BSN volunteer at The Fair  because he would like to help people have a better time here.


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