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One of our international student volunteers, Julia Mettler from the British School in The Netherlands, tells us about what makes her Feel at Home in The Hague.
Julia is just one of our team of volunteers from the ISH, ASH and the BSN international schools. These students are working on projects such as the charity raffle, food court, activities and publicity campaign. If you’d like to get involved, we’d love to hear from you at

Unlike my friends I have never been in a different country than The Netherlands yet I feel like I am at home. Maybe it’s the 16 years I have spent in The Netherlands. In order to understand what makes me feel at home in a foreign country it is important to look at what I value.

First of all it is important to me that I am able to talk to the local people. This is very handy in case I get lost in the city or country. Being able to speak and understand the language also gives me a feeling of security because I know what is going on around me and I can keep up to date with the local news.

Secondly I get the ‘at home feeling’ when I take part in sports where I can meet local people who are around my age. It helps me to understand them better. If I wouldn’t take part in any sports I would isolate myself from the locals thus I can’t feel like I am at home. For me feeling at home is the feeling of security, being part of the community and being able to understand, read and speak the language to a certain degree of fluency.

A Bit About Me

 My name is Julia Mettler. I have lived in The Netherlands for 16 years already. I am German however as I have only lived in The Netherlands I also feel like I am part dutch. I have never lived in a different country or my home country. I am a sports addict and I love music. I play the piano and mostly play jazz rags or boogies. I have been doing dressage for 10 years now and western riding for 2 months. I am interested in project and problem horses as I have the ability to stay calm in dangerous situations. I speak German, Dutch and English fluently. I also play tennis and I run the after school Tennis club coaching the children with the motivation to increase their skills with every session. I also love reading books such as fantasy and books about sport psychology. I recently found out that I really enjoy writing my own books and I do this on regular bases as it has something soothing.



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