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The Feel at Home Fair is here to show you all the best things about life in The Hague region. Whether you’re an entrepreneur considering moving to the region, a whole family who have just arrived, a young couple exploring career prospects, or just a wanderer who’d like to call The Netherlands home, this is the event you’ve been waiting for. 

You’ll find help to get the admin done – bank accounts, registration, health insurance, legal advice…  fear not, we’ve got it covered! From getting started to the more complicated issues of mortgages, childcare and language, there are exhibitors from every service and sector to get you settled in.

Alongside these service providers, we’ve got big international employers, universities, schools and local businesses to introduce you to the city and surrounding region. The Hague is home to a host of multinational organisations, many of whom are expanding. The city also works hard to encourage innovation and new businesses. Learn about exciting career opportunities available to new graduates, skilled workers and budding entrepreneurs. The Fair is a unique melting pot of people from all walks of life: a chance to network and speak face-to-face with tons of locals and get a useful insight into the local study and work opportunities.

If that wasn’t enough, there are also sports, cultural, hobbies and plenty of other exhibitors who represent all the fun you can have here in The Netherlands. From choirs and dance groups to sports teams and communities from countries across the globe (open to all – no passport required!). Let their enthusiasm inspire you to join a local club or volunteer for a worthy cause!

Come along to discover everything you need to get set up and thrive in The Netherlands. If you’re trying to get settled, looking for the next step in your career,  or just interested in something new to do, you’ll find it at the Fair.

Thanks for being part of the 2021 Feel at Home Fair....join us in 2022!  


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