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Do you want to become a volunteer for the Special Olympics National Games in The Hague in 2020?

The Special Olympics National Games is a tournament which is held every 2 years at a different location in The Netherlands. In 2020 the games will be held in The Hague. The games are for children and adults with a mental disorder. During the Olympics, more than 2000 athletes engage in sporting competition, everyone in his/her own category. The athletes work very hard for months and are really looking forward to the games. These games are official, complete with a parade, flag and flame and the pronouncement of the Special Olympics oath.

The athletes will compete in 16 different sports. Besides, even more, sports will be offered in the form of clinics and demonstrations. In the run-up to the tournament different side events will be organised to create more awareness and publicity.

To make this tournament successful, the help of volunteers is very important. We are looking for the following volunteers :

  • During the building-up of the event
  • During the tournament for helping athletes, coaches and supporters.

Volunteers can register at the Fair on 4th February. The organisation will contact them a few months before the tournament.

Furthermore, the organisation is looking for financially involved supporters of the athletes:

For 250 euro you become a supporter of an athlete. For this amount, you can mentally support the athlete by being there during the opening ceremony at the ADO The Hague stadium.  After transferring the gift to the account of Special Olympics, you will receive a receipt which will give you access to the ADO The Hague stadium.

At this moment there is no website available. This is because the Special Olympics 2018 first take place in the Achterhoek  ( 8,9 and 10th June 2018) . For more info:

Thank you so much for your help!

Sandra van Koningsbrugge,

Director Special Olympics 2020,

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