About The Feel at Home Fair 2020

Everyone is welcome!

It’s the biggest gathering of the international community in the Netherlands with over 4000 people and more than 100 nationalities coming together to share their experience of life in Holland. The many connections made by the international community stem from business, culture, sport, nationality, religion and more, helping people to widen their social circles and enrich their lives. 

You’ll find 150 diverse exhibitors with entertainment and activities to suit every age. Enjoy a full programme of performances and demonstrations throughout the day. Get a bird’s eye view of the action from the balcony of the International Food Court, or catch up with friends in the downstairs bar or café. For a more in depth view, there are free workshops on topics ranging from setting up a business to networking and adapting to a new culture. 

The Fair is a meeting point for the entire international community to come together with the local population to share knowledge and the secrets behind enjoying everything this bright city has to offer, whether it is for a few days, weeks, months or many years. 

The internet is great for finding information, but our Fair is about putting people in touch with one another. 

The Feel at Home International Community Fair is back in 2021!

Due to COVID restrictions our 14th edition of the Fair in 2021 will be held online.

Register here in advance for your free ticket and information about how to join the event.

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