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Acupuncture WaRan is the only acupuncture clinic which offers unique Japanese style acupuncture called SEIDO acupuncture in the Netherlands.

SEIDO acupuncture was originally derived from Kappo (manual reviving techniques based on ancient martial arts). Its roots go back to the Japanese Warring States Period in 1500CE. Back then, it was crucial to move your wounded body as quickly as possible. Therefore, the focus of SEIDO acupuncture is to recover movements and one of the characteristic is its immediate effect.

It may sound like SEIDO acupuncture is only used for musculoskeletal disorders but it is also used for wide variety of disorders such as autonomic nervous system disorders, allergic diseases, gynecological disorders, and other internal diseases. This is because all the life activities including internal organs and mental activities are reflected on the musculoskeletal system. By adjusting the musculoskeletal system and recover the state in which you are able to move as you want, the internal organs and mental activities recover as well.

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