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Blue Umbrella’s mission is to provide an efficient and convenient tax support platform for international individuals and families settling for (temporary) work in the Netherlands. With almost 10 years of experience in the Dutch tax environment, Blue Umbrella is the number one tax return service provider in the Netherlands. They are the English-speaking interface between expats and the Dutch Tax Office and they professionally arrange everything from income tax filing and childcare allowance to SME and payroll support.


Blue Umbrella observed a growing need for reliable and affordable tax support from the broader international community in the Netherlands. Clients asked for an accessible, easy to use tax support service. Central in that question was to deal with the communication aspects. Which is why they offer an efficient and user-friendly online platform where individuals, couples and those who are self-employed can easily deal with Dutch tax matters. Their service takes away the hassle in dealing with the Dutch Tax Office requests, often demanding a Dutch response. Blue Umbrella offers a flat tax filing fee with no hidden costs. It takes full responsibility for the correct tax filing process.


The people behind the company are all suitable, qualified tax professionals who know the Dutch tax environment by heart. They cannot wait to answer all your questions regarding Dutch tax matters!

TIME: 14:15-14:45





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