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An orofacial therapist is a physiotherapist who is specialized in head and spine injuries.  Some examples of the type of problems an orofacial therapist treats are:

  • Jaw pain
  • Headaches
  • Neck and or back pain
  • Oncology within the neck and head area etc…


Kim Philippe is an orofacial physiotherapist in The Hague with her own practice and 8 years of clinical experience. Her presentation will focus on headaches and what an orofacial physiotherapist can do to help relieve them.

Headaches can be stress related e.g. tension type headache (TTH), which means that the neck muscles become shortened and tense, causing radiating pain into the head. Furthermore, there maybe be limited movement in the cervical spine. An orofacial therapist examines the relationship between these two problems, finds the cause or factors contributing to the patient’s headaches in order to be able to treat the patient correctly.

To help decrease muscle tension Kim uses a very effective technique called dry needling. A thin needle releases tension within the muscle, which helps restore the balance between the muscle and vertebrae.

TIME: 15:00 – 15:30






Kim Philippe is an orofacial physiotherapist in The Hague.  It is an additional 3-year Master’s degree. With 8 years of clinical experience, she decided to start her own practice last year. Growing up in The Hague as an expat has given her a sound understanding of what international clients look for when it comes to healthcare in the Netherlands.

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