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STET English Theatre Company are bringing a special performance of Punch and Judy to the Fair this year – and we can not wait to see what comical antics they have in store for us.

Punch and Judy is the classic seaside puppet show! An outrageous comedy that has entertained families for generations. Join in the fun as we watch poor old Mr Punch suffering from all the problems of a man of his day: a nagging wife, Judy, (they obviously don’t exist anymore..), a chasing policeman (rarely seen these days) and his ultimate foe … a ghost (they are definitely still around!).

You won’t be able to help yourselves from chiming in … as the bad guy appears behind Mr Punch on stage “He’s behind you!”

Rod Burnett of Story Box Theatre (Bristol)



Rod Burnett of Story Box Theatre (Bristol) has delighted audiences in The Hague with his wonderful puppet shows, most recently the Three Pigs in 2015 and this year’s nearly sold out performance of the Snow Queen. He’s been performing Punch and Judy since the late 70s and revels in its shocking black humour!


Watch the video to get a sneak preview!



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