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The “Special Needs Education” programme.

What are the education options for children with special needs and how can you access them? A moderated panel of experts presented the support services that are available in the region.

To watch the programme, click on the video link:


The programme was hosted by Ayesha Desousa, Reporter and Co-Presenter DutchbuzZ.

In this 20 minute programme they discussed the following topics:

  • Role of Centrum en Jeugd en Gezin in care of children in The Hague and support services offered by the centre to children and families.
  • Educational options available for special needs children and how to access them.
  • Parent experience of integrating their special needs child into the Dutch educational system.


Winny Vos is a nurse practitioner with the Centrum voor Jeugd en Gezin (CJG) in The Hague.

Helen Claus is an educational consultant and is the founder of the consultancy, Inclusion4all which specialises in educational advice for children with additional needs or disabilities.

Alina Avarvarei is the mother of two boys with her older son needing additional educational support. She has an MA in social psychology and is a certified coach and mentor.

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