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Austyn Smith is the creator and host of Expat Hour Podcast. She interviews global citizens from all over the world as they tell their unique life stories.

Austyn is from the United States and while growing up moved every 2-3 years within the country. She had lived in 12 different cities and 6 states prior to her first international move. Having this experience under her belt she thought, “How hard can moving abroad be? I’m a moving pro!” With three children plus a newborn in tow, she quickly ate her words upon arriving in The Netherlands!

After 2.5 years she knows first hand both the struggles and wonders of adjusting to a new country. Upon meeting fellow members of the expat community she was amazed at their collective experience and wisdom. She knew she had to find a way to share their stories with the world and thus Expat Hour was born. The podcast provides a way for people to truly understand different cultures and countries as they listen firsthand to a personal story. Expats and non-expats alike can benefit from the premise behind the podcast: “The antidote to prejudice is listening to someone’s story.”

Expat Hour Podcast can be found at and on any podcast platform.

Connect with Austyn on facebook and instagram @expathour.

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