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Whether your child goes to an international, German, French or Dutch school in the Netherlands, as an internationally mobile family, it is almost inevitable that your child will grow up bi- or multilingual. Growing up with more than one language is a great gift to your child, however, as a parent it is important that you are aware of the opportunities and challenges your child will encounter.

During the workshop, we will start by exploring the concept of multilingualism; what does it mean for a child to be multilingual? Further, we will explore how the context in which your child grows up influences your language goals as a family, and an overview of the effects of growing up multilingually.

The workshop draws on examples from our long experience in multilingual international education, as well as contemporary scientific insights.  With some practical cases, we will bust the myth that children just soak up languages, and explore your role as a parent to effectively support your children. You will gain (critical) insight into the current language input your child receives, and some hands-on tools to increase language input.

For over 35 years, LanguageOne has been a household name in international education. LanguageOne has a global network of ten flagship locations, among others in Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Australia. At these locations, LanguageOne provides Dutch language and culture education for expat and emigrant children. In the Netherlands, we offer Dutch language consultation and tuition for families, as well as educational support services for educational institutions, government and non-government organisations, as well as multinational employers.

TIME: 13:30 – 14:00





Henk Zwart is an experienced education professional, who has worked for LanguageOne in teaching positions in Singapore, and as a school director in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Currently, Henk is project manager for LanguageOne Publishing, and an educational consultant specialising in internationalisation of education, multilingualism, and educational leadership.




This is just one of an informative series of Free Workshops available to all visitors to The Feel at Home Fair on 2 February 2020. You can register for up to 4 tickets for free entrance to the Fair, using the Free Ticket tab below:



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