Literaturhaus │ Deutsche Bibliothek Den Haag invites you to practise your German conversation skills with native speakers at the Fair!

The sessions are free and informal. Connect with fellow internationals and exchange views on diverse topics over a coffee and a piece of cake.


Required level: intermediate spoken German

Session Times : 13.00, 14.00, 15.00 or 16.00 (Please mention your preferred time slot.) – Or register at our exhibition stand on the day itself.

Location: The Hague International Centre, near The Community Centre



The German language café, offered by the Literaturhaus │ Deutsche Bibliothek Den Haag, is for those who are interested in the German language and culture and have intermediate knowledge of spoken German. In small groups you can talk about current and cultural topics. Every second Monday evening of the month we meet in the German Library, The Hague. It is a great opportunity to practise the language informally in conversation with native speakers. No lessons, no homework!

Registration for their monthly event is free for library members. If you first would like to give it a try, you are welcome to join an evening for free. More information about the Sprachcafé, dates in 2019, location and membership:

Photo credits: Ben Sutherland / Flickr

The Feel at Home International Community Fair will be back in 2021!

Until then, click here for photos and the podcast of the day. 

Thanks for coming!

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