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Look, we get it, finance isn’t the easiest thing to deal with in life. Nor is it the most exciting thing. Taking care of your financial business can be overwhelming. Especially when you’re an expat and are trying to find your way in a foreign country. Where they speak a language you don’t understand. That’s a tough thing to do for anyone.


Where do you even begin?


Well, you could start with us. Independent Expat Finance is here to relieve you from the stress of taking care of your finances. The best thing? You don’t need to contact a different financial advisor for every separate thing. We can help you with all your finances. Whether you need a mortgage, open a bank account or get insurance, we can assist you with it. So, no more Google translating Dutch websites and trying to make sense of it all. Just tell us what you need and we’ll take care of it!


Independent Expat Finance is a certified and independent financial service provider. That means that we give unbiased advice and that we work for you, to get you the best deal possible.

We offer advice on the following financial products:

⇨ Mortgages

⇨ Consumer Loans

⇨ Private Insurance

⇨ Health Insurance

⇨ Payment accounts/packages

⇨ And more For more information please contact us:

☎ +31 (0) 23 3030110


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