As a guide, here are the links to the 2019 Standholder Manuals explaining the specification of the stands, rules and regulations, and arrangements for setting up and dismantling the stands. These will be updated as new information becomes available. Be sure to consult the correct document for your type of stand:

F@H 2019 Sports, Social and Community Manual

F@H 2019 Company & Small Business Manual

F@H 2019 Furniture Orders for Commercial Stands

Visitor Floor Plan 2019

Regulations for City Hall

Brochure English Technical Conditions

Brochure Technische Voorwaarden


Directions and Parking

Please refer to the relevant Exhibitor Manuals above

1) For vans and high vehicles which cannot access the Stadhuis car park underneath City Hall, deliveries can be made at the Forumplein or ‘back entrance’ of City Hall (that is the entrance nearest Centraal Station). This entrance will be open between 8:30 and 10:30 only. Cars can also access this door to deliver very large or heavy items which cannot be transported in the lifts. There is no parking at this point and vehicles must be moved away immediately after delivery. The parking wardens are very strict on this point.

2) For all other vehicles and normal stand equipment, the best place to park is underneath the City Hall, which has a number of accesses depending on your direction of approach.

Park near to the Turfmarkt lift which will be opened especially for exhibitors from 8:30 to 10:30 and will come to the ground floor Exhibitor Hall.

This sketch shows access to the Stadhuis car parks which is via Schedeldoeskshaven (as if driving from back end of Centraal Station where the bus station is towards the Filmhuis and Veenkade Car parks).

Vehicle access to the delivery zone on Forum Plein (E) is from the front end of Centraal Station, past Museumplein parking towards Grote Markt Parking. Before Grote Markt follow the arrows to make a U turn and then follow the tram lines as if into the tunnel, but bearing right and passing around the white building and under the bridge to the delivery zone.

Here you can see the location of the Entrances in relation to the Exhibition Hall:  Visitor Floor Plan 2019


Exhibitors arriving during set up time between 8:30 and 10:30 can use the Exhibitor Entrance on Forumplein or from the Turfmarkt lift of the Stadhuis car park under City Hall and do not need a ticket or a pass. On arrival they should report to the Exhibitor Check-In Desk where they will be issued with a bracelet.

There will be two Check-In desks, both situated in the Community Centre next to the exhibitor entrances

  1. Commercial for Companies & Small Businesses, supervised by TheHagueOnLine, next to the Forumplein Exhibitor entrance
  2. Sports, Social & Community, supervised by ACCESS, next to the Turfmarkt Exhibitor entrance.


Helpers, performers and presenters arriving after 11 o’clock will have to use the main Visitor Entrance and so should register for their Free Tickets here so that they can enter City Hall easily.  You can apply to up to 4 tickets in a single registration and helpers can arrive independently with copies of the same multiple tickets.

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