I support couples and individuals who are at the beginning of their fertility journey,  those who are going through fertility treatment and need additional support to help reduce symptoms of treatment and those who have a diagnosis of ‘unexplained infertility’ and need to dig deeper into the root cause of their problems.

Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Premature ovary failure, thyroid problems, low sperm count or motility? As a Nutrition fertility specialist, I can help you look for the possible root cause of your imbalance that may prevent you from conceiving naturally.

I specialize in functional testing: stool test, blood, urine and saliva, supported by up to date nutritional science, I can provide a very detailed analysis of each individual case identifying where immediate support is needed.  I use food, supplements and give lifestyle advice that can help to re-balance your body and possibly provide a nurturing space for a new embryo to grow.

I like to work with you over a period of 3 months, as it takes the body this length of time to produce healthy egg and sperm. It also gives you time to get used to your new healthy routine and to set solid foundations for future optimal health.

Meet me at the Feel at Home Fair and find out how I can help you in your journey towards natural conception.



The Feel at Home International Community Fair is back in 2021!

Due to COVID restrictions our 14th edition of the Fair in 2021 will be held online.

Register here in advance for your free ticket and information about how to join the event.

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