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Volunteer The Hague is a project initiated by the Municipality of the Hague and organised by the local non-profit organization PEP Den Haag. Their mission is to connect internationals and expats with meaningful volunteer opportunities at local not-for-profit organizations. Importantly, the volunteer listing on Volunteer The Hague’s website do not require Dutch language skills, and the organizations choosing to list with Volunteer The Hague are enthusiastically searching for a diverse, international pool of volunteers.


The Volunteer The Hague site hosts hundreds of volunteer activities for ever age, skill-set, and availability. Creating an account and applying to listings is absolutely free of charge. You can browse these vacancies or use their Talent Scan tool through which you can find individualized listings after answering a series of questions about your skills and interests. All listings will provide you with information about the tasks expected, preferred availability in days and number of hours and perks offered. The listings also list contact information for organizations so that you may contact organizations directly. Finally, you also are able to upload your CV, which will be available for organizations to view.


It is Volunteer The Hague’s hope that through these volunteer activities, you can not only connect with the local community in which you live, but also create a broader social and professional network, gain valuable skills that you can apply to future employment, and gain confidence from knowing that you have made an impact to The Hague community. For more information about what Volunteer The Hague has to offer and to create an account, please visit their website.

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