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This is how The Foundation “Gezond Samenwerken” (cooperation in health) can help you in 10 important ways:


1. Professional medical and care guidance for everybody;

2. Personal attention (empathy) and a listening ear;

3. Guidance in the preparation of medical consultations;

4. Making sure that you remain in control;

5. Translating medical consultations into plain language;

6. Guidance in requesting a second opinion;

7. Organising assessments of medication;

8. Guidance in legal matters during a forced eviction of a nursing home;

9. Guidance in the remediation of an addiction (smoking, alcohol, drugs, gaming);

10. Assistance in processing difficult messages.


These services costs: 15€ per hour, exclusive of travel costs of volunteer


For more information, visit their website:

Or contact:

Tel: 06 – 46715848 Mrs. Drs. Jacqueline Dekker – de Vreese (care- and behavioural scientist and lawyer)

Tel: 070 – 3316067 / 06 – 48478134 Drs. Lando Mohanial (pharmacist)


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