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Why, is it important for us women not to give up our own dream when we become mothers?

It all started with a dream. Your mother gave birth to a perfect baby: You!

In the 21st century, women and girls shouldn’t have to sacrifice their dreams when they become mothers.  Society can benefit from having more patience and cooperation rather than speed and competition.

This workshop helps you build your self-belief to step up and become highly effective leaders leveraging their emotional intelligence, skills, intuition and their sense of life perspective. Drawing on the wisdom of the mothers from all over the world who I had the honour of interviewing, as well as my personal experience, I have come to the conclusion that there are five behaviours that make the difference between women who just have dreams and those who realise them, despite obstacles or family relocations.

  • KNOW YOURSELF – become aware of your strengths, biases and vulnerabilities;
  • BLOSSOM – allow your enthusiasm and commitment to grow and your beauty to shine
  • HELP – give and receive support in your journey
  • EXPLORE – be curious and stay connected to others, yourselves and your intuition.
  • And most importantly, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

Most women have the answers within themselves to develop and grow, but they sometimes need help to make the transitions required for a leadership role or for taking the extra step to achieving their dream. That is the journey that you will begin in this workshop.    


Steliana is a an organisational development consultant with Shell and an executive coach with twenty years of cross-cultural experience in the energy, communications (Vodafone), sports(Nike) and NGO sectors. She is a mother herself and has relocated with her family few times from Romania, The Netherlands, UK and back.Two years ago, she started a dialogue with mothers via her blog, She interviewed 20 mothers from four continents and wrote about their life in her upcoming book. In 2018 she launched the ‘How to realize your dreams’ workshop at Women International Network Conference in Tokyo.



WORKSHOP TIME: 14:45 – 15:15




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