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During mainly outdoor sessions, walking or running, Blue Zone Sport illustrates the 9 success elements of the World’s 5 Blue Zones, where there are many centenarians still in good health. What do they do and how can we simply copy these success elements personally? How can they inspire daily life?

Blue Zone have sessions in The Hague and events in Blue Zone Sardinia via and

See this testimonial from someone who has participated in a session:


“Mindful running was a totally different experience for me than just running. Its not about doing and achieving miles but its all about being there!! Breathing, being aware and focus every moment while being positive…I liked every bit of the course. On top of all this…we get to explore hidden beautiful Gardens of The Hague in the middle of the city…Just amazing!! Highly recommended!! “


Sam Pitzalis,
06-11 33 45 11,


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