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Aleksandra grew up in Former Yugoslavia and was educated in Serbia, Macedonia, The Netherlands and England. Her real international career started in 2000, as vocal and keyboard player in the Dragan Dautovski Quartet, performing in more then 15 countries in the world.

In the course of her career she has collaborated with artists (directors, theatre makers, choreographers, etc) from more then 20 different countries in various roles and in different artistic contexts (music podia, multimedia performances, live electronics, soundtracks for movies,performances for young audience, etc..). She has made more then hundred of performances on various podia around the world. To name a few: Rotterdam Opera Festival, Music Meeting Festival – Nijmegen, Neuköllner Oper-Berlin, Macedonian National Opera & Ballet, Sydney Opera House… Aleksandra has participated in recordings of over fifteen CDs in different music genres.
 She is currently based in The Hague.


Aleksandra in the press:


It’s difficult to find a category for the Macedonian-Dutch mezzo soprano, composer, voice teacher and choir director, Aleksandra Popovska, as with each of her projects she enters new artistic territories. Macedonian and Balkan vocal traditions, avant garde and contemporary, experimental, – Aleksandra plays with the most different genres and embraces them through her personal style of interpretation. She uses her voice as an instrument and her interests in music are various. She presents her songs as mini dramas full of grace and explosive passion, accompanied by body language & gestures. The range of her voice oscillates between all colours and intensities, jubilating and whispering in fascinating poignancy. On her sets, she play piano, dulcimer, zither, little percussions, or ipad.


Watch Aleksandro perform live on the podium at the Feel at Home Fair on 2 February. She is on stage at 13:25. You can view the Full podium programme here (hyperlink when ready)


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