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The “Making the Most of a Mobile Life” programme.

To watch the “Making the Most of a Mobile Life” programme, click on the video link:


The programme was hosted and presented by Anne Parker and Diane Lemieux, authors of the “The Mobile Life”.

During this 50-minute show they discuss why moving to live in a new country can feel so hard, and what you can concretely do to overcome the challenge of adapting to live in a new place.

The book is used by secondary schools and professional business schools to prepare young people for international careers. It is also used by multinational firms to help their employees gain the skills required to resettle abroad. This two-part presentation will use some of the tools and insights from their book.

Communicating Across Cultures

How can we communicate effectively with international colleagues and guests? In this session they look at 3 cultural aspects that are crucial in our daily lives and teach strategies that will enable us to understand and be understood in all cultures.

Cultural Pursuit

Test yourself on your knowledge of living in the Netherlands with their custom-made trivia game ‘Cultural Pursuit’ which has been developed to be the quickest and most fun way to learn interesting facts and aspects of the history, geography, traditions and language of the Netherlands.


Diane Lemieux is a freelance author, journalist and editor. She has published four books and many articles on cultures, the impact of mobility on careers, families and community relations.

Anne Parker developed a unique program that took a corporate skills approach using project management, change management and leadership skills. This training program was the basis for many of the concepts in this book.


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