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Caja van der Poel is an actress and storyteller at heart. She loves the English language, since it lends itself so beautifully to painting her magical images. She will work together with STET The English Theatre at the Fair to bring original stories to life for listeners of all ages.

Your children especially will be enthralled by her tales of magic and wonder, where words and characters are made larger than life by her passionate and animated storytelling. In STET’s cosy story tent on the 1st floor, Caja will regale her audience with stories of action and adventure, especially designed to inspire children to be more active and curious themselves.


Children aged 4 – 11 are invited to attend one of the three free performances at:




Come along and experience the sheer magic of Caja’s tales: travelling to faraway lands and times long gone. Meet her remarkable heroes, revealed from amongst the quiet, the young, the old, the foolish, and the wacky. Let her show that even the bravest among us can be fearful, and stupid. Caja’s stories are full of surprises as she invites her listeners, no matter their age, to join her in her wonderful journeys of discovery.


Caja was taught English at a very young age by a wonderful lady who was very keen on Droomtijdperfect pronunciation. This instilled in her an appreciation for words and sounds that lasts to this day.

After graduating from The Actor’s Studio The Hague and The Amsterdam Theatre Academy, she went on to study at The International School of Storytelling. A childhood dream relentlessly and passionately made reality.

Since 2003, she has been a leading actress and creator for Noordvolk and works as a freelance storyteller and teacher in The National Literature Museum.

STET The English Theatre are kindly offering these performances free of charge to visitors at the Fair. The Feel at Home Fair is also free to visitors who register in advance. Just click the link below to register for up to 4 Free Tickets:



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