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Today we see a lot of disharmony in the world: between countries, within countries, but also within ourselves. What causes this disharmony? How can we change ourselves and the community for the better?

It all starts with our thinking-process: change, real, sustainable change, comes from within. So, if we want to tackle the root of our challenges, we have to change our way of thinking. First of all, we have to know who we are and how the thinking-process works. Once we have a better understanding of this, we have the basis upon which we can start building a harmonious life. Choices that we make based on insight in the processes of life, prevent us from creating disharmony and are a guarantee for future happiness. For ourselves and for others.

Who are we?

What is thinking?

What are thoughts?

How can we direct them?

These and other questions will be discussed in a short presentation after which we would like to exchange thoughts on topics we deal with in daily life that make us wonder.

For example: why do so many people get a burnout these days? How can someone be perfectly happy and another be depressed while both are living under the same circumstances? How can we bring communities together?

TIME: 12:00 – 12:30



This interactive talk is an introduction to a philosophy of life, which offers you the possibility to find solutions yourself to the many challenges of life. Challenges on a personal level, but also on a societal level.

The knowledge that is presented is based on the universal wisdom or Theosophia. The common source of wisdom for all the Teachers of mankind like Plato, Pythagoras, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna and many others.


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