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In addition to the main attraction of the museum, the 360-degree circular panorama painting created by Dutch artist Mesdag in 1871, Panorama Mesdag showcases relevant temporary exhibits. Currently on display is ‘Kidd & the City’ by British-American artist Jeremy Kidd (13 Oct 2016 – 30 Apr 2017).

Jeremy Kidd is a grandson of the famous sculptor Barbara Hepworth (1903-1975) and the painter Ben Nicholson (1894-1982), and started out as a sculptor and painter. With the rise of digital photography around 1990, Kidd was among the first to experiment with the medium.

Kidd enriches his images with new techniques so to enable viewers to truly experience the subjects he captures in his photographs. To achieve this, he makes numerous photographs and then blends them to produce a single overpowering image. Through this fusion of time and movement he reveals the unique pulsing reality of city and the natural world through the medium of art.

Especially for this exhibition, Kidd emulated Mesdag by studying the Seinpost Dune area and created a spectacular impression of Scheveningen, 14 metres wide and 3 metres high. Although the spaces between the freestanding buildings in Panorama Mesdag have long been filled in, Kidd uses colour and light contrasts to subtly accentuate these monumental buildings.

Panorama Mesdag is open Monday to Saturday 10:00-17:00, Sunday 11:00-17:00. Admission: Adults €10, Children ages 12-18 €8.50, ages 4-11 €5, ages 0-4 Free. Zeestraat 65, 2518 AA Den Haag. For more information, please visit our website:

The museum will be presenting this fascinating temporary exhibition at the Fair. Don’t forget to register for your free tickets



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