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Mindfulness is paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, infused with qualities of kindness, curiosity and acceptance.  During this workshop, Carol Wooley will show how mindfulness will help you cope with managing stress, challenging emotions and how it can increase a general sense of well-being.

Mindfulness, as taught in the Bay Tree courses, is a secular practice that has the potential to nourish and fulfil us in ways that nothing else truly can, bringing equanimity, kindness and balance into every corner of our lives.

Extensive research has shown that mindfulness can help to reduce anxiety, worry and stress  and, more recently, Mark Williams of Oxford University has shown that mindfulness is a valuable component in the treatment of depression.

It is not advisable to commence a mindfulness course while experiencing an episode of depression. However, it can be very beneficial as one of the tools to maintain a positive mood while in recovery. Before commencing a mindfulness course, clients are invited to an individual intake session to gather background information and address any queries.


Secular mindfulness does not require sitting cross-legged on the floor, muttering mantras through a haze of incense!  Sitting comfortably in a chair, sitting on the floor if that is preferred, even lying down are all options and of course mindfulness can be incorporated into every day life: walking, waiting at the tram stop, in a shopping queue.  Mindfulness is portable, requires no special equipment and shows results within weeks.


What can I expect during a mindfulness session?  It is an opportunity to let go of the to-do lists, learn how to focus using curiosity and simple breathing techniques, connect with how your body feels and investigate the critical, inner voice and by doing so allowing that voice to become quieter and perhaps even to become hardly a whisper!

TIME: 13:30 -14:00






Carol Wooley is an English mindfulness teacher based in The Hague.  Through her company, The Bay Tree, Carol guides her clients through well-tested exercises and practices that reduce stress and anxiety. Having travelled extensively she understands the pleasures and pitfalls of landing in a new country and of “having to learn new maps”.


This is just one of an informative series of Free Workshops available to all visitors to The Feel at Home Fair on 4 February 2018. The full programme will be published shortly. In the meantime you can register for up to 4 tickets for free entrance to the Fair, using the Free Ticket tab below:




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