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Most people feel the weight of gravity bearing down on them throughout the day. A build up of stress, with worries about the future and fears about repeating the past. Bad posture, improper lifting or weightbearing has left you feeling miserable, tired, stiff and achy.

So what needs to be done to feel great again?
Chiropractic reconnects the body and soul. Adjustments will realign the body and remove blockages that are impeding on the flow of life. Namely the information flowing through your nervous system, a communication system between your mind and body. Once this frees up and is running 100% optimally, your body moves out of fight/flight or defence mode into a relaxing, growing and thriving state of mind. Especially important for growing children.

Most people wait until it’s too late. Then run off to get medication and cures to cover up signs and symptoms they are feeling, so that they feel better. This of course does not solve the cause of the problem, leading to a vicious downward spiral of weakness and illness. Chiropractic has nothing to do with pain, aches and symptoms because we are more concerned with how you function. Your nervous system dictates more as to how you function and the better you function, the better you feel.

That’s how you get to feel great again!


TIME: 14:15 to 14:45 

LOCATION: Upstairs Meeting Room Suite




Dr. Nathan de Boer is a local experienced chiropractor and has been running his own practices for over ten years. After a nasty motorcycle accident, he was able to walk again, thanks to chiropractic. Now he has found his calling and has adjusted over 10 000 people from all ages and walks of life, with lots of miracles and success stories. Chiropractic is just like dentistry and maintaining your spine is just if not more important than maintaining your teeth. Regular check-ups prevents dis-ease and make you feel great again.


This is just one of an informative series of Free Workshops available to all visitors to The Feel at Home Fair on 4 February 2018. Register for up to 4 tickets for free entrance to the Fair, using the Free Ticket tab below:



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