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Innovation Talks

Raadzaal of the City Hall of The Hague (Above Innovation Quarter)

Time: 15:00 – 16:15


The Innovation Talks, will take place in the Raadzaal of the City Hall at 3 pm, presenting three keynote speakers who will share their perspectives about working with talented people who are trying to make a difference through their new ideas. The first two talks will address a different approach on options and spaces available to develop or support projects, and the third talk is the personal experience of a young international entrepreneur on his journey to found his start-up company in The Netherlands.

The Innovative Talks will open a discussion session for audience to invite the experts to address the interests and questions of the audience, who will take an active role in the pursuit to answer together the main question of this event.



Tom Schoehuijs, Dutch Ambassador of Hello Tomorrow a non-profit organisation, already active in more than 40 cities around the world, which aims to accelerate the transformation of innovative technologies into impactful products which solve tomorrow’s major issues.



Innovating in the City of Peace and Justice

Drs. Gideon Shimshon, director of Centre for Innovation of Leiden University Campus The HagueGideon Shimshon, will share his experience after three years of leading this space for experimentation. The Centre is open to students and staff to develop their entrepreneurial ideas to create solutions based and with the help of advanced technologies. “The aim is provide a space for experimentation and to see where those ideas can go. As long as it’s a serious venture and the purpose it to make a positive impact on society” says Gideon.

Drs. Gideon holds an MSc from the University of Amsterdam. He has worked in the field of political economy for governance issues at the World Bank. After joining Leiden University, he co-founded the Leiden Online Learning Lab and the Peace Informatics Lab.


 The impact of crowdsourcing

What is crowdfunding? What is the impact of crowdfunding? How can people make a difference?robert

Robert van Roijen is the creator of PIF World, a platform for people to join forces and resources to create positive social impact. He will bring light into how these projects enable individuals and organizations to create initiatives or join a cause that will bring a solution to current challenges. Through his talk he will also explain the different types of crowdfunding and ways of financing.

Robert began as a successful business consultant and after six years he decided to drastically change his career when he set up, as he believes in activating the crowd for a better world.

About social entrepreneurship Robert says: “It is really a privilege to work with other passionate people on something that can change the world as we know it”.


Creating NOC and Tavolo

Matteo Consonni, co-founder of Noc, will talk about his entrepreneurial journey to creating his netMatteo Consoniworking game Tavolo, which was conceived to help young people initiate valuable and fun conversations. He will describe his experience with Noc, a platform for everyone to connect with local people with common interests.

Matteo holds a BSc in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Milan and an MPA from Leiden University. His experiences include regulatory systems, entrepreneurship, innovation policy, big data, food regulation, and project management. He focuses on the interface between public authority and the market.


Attendance at the talks is free but space in the Raadzaal (Council Chamber) is limited. At the end of this event the audience will receive a token for the Networking drinks.

If you are interested in attending the talks you can pre-register by sending an email marked “Innovation” to

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