Kin San Tai Chi Academy offers Yang style Tai Chi classes in the Hague as well as Wassenaar. They’ll have a stand at this year’s Fair with plenty of information and will also be providing demos during the day.

This style of Tai Chi emphasises greater stretching and turning in each of the movements in order to gain benefits more effectively. It can also be described as ‘meditation in motion’ where the continuity of its movements, combined with the devotion of one’s undivided attention will heal and revitalise both body and mind. The movements are gentle, continuous and circular. People of all ages and health conditions can join in. Practice is done with a relaxed state of mind. People often find that merely watching a demo gives them a sense of relaxation.

In mid March, Kin San Tai Chi Academy will offer new beginner classes. Two weeks ahead of that, you can join their Open House and free try out sessions (to be announced on their website).

Kin SanTai Chi is meant to be taught and practised in a spirit of compassion and service to others. The goal of practising lies not in perfecting external forms or achieving self-defence skills, but in the recovery of lost health in the holistic sense.

The Feel at Home International Community Fair will be back in 2021!

Until then, click here for photos and the podcast of the day. 

Thanks for coming!

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