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To be a good sport is to take part in good humour. It’s what the Fair is all about: joining in with the activities, clubs and events which are happening around you. It’s a great way to meet people, both locals and fellow internationals. Best of all, it helps you Feel at Home, wherever you live and work.

 Keep Fit and Healthy

 The 2018 Fair will celebrate the huge diversity of sports, leisure and wellness facilities that are available locally. Whether you want to be a member of a competitive team, connect with others to play an occasional game, learn a new sport, keep fit, or exercise through a leisure activity, there will be something for everyone at the Fair.

Everything from Surf to Turf

 We are lucky to live and work in a wonderfully diverse environment. The sea, dunes, forests, parks, cycle-paths and waterways are all on our doorstep. The Hague Region has an excellent infrastructure of clubs, associations and sports facilities to practice every sport imaginable: from beach sports to skiing, sailing to golf, gymnastics or dance to rugby or football, hockey to lacrosse.


In sport, the rules speak for themselves. Umpires and coaches can always make themselves understood. Communication on the pitch doesn’t need words: teamwork speaks in their place. You can jog, ride, work-out or dance beside someone in companionable silence. So, sport is a great way to get involved with a local club, even if you don’t speak Dutch.

 Clubs and Competitions

 Whether you are looking for somewhere to play, or for a venue for your team to practice or socialise, or you want to try out a new activity like cricket, korfball, salsa or pilates, you can get a feel for where you you’d fit in at the Fair. On Central Park inside City Hall, there will be demonstrations, try-outs and workshops, showcasing a range of sports and leisure activities. Companies, friends and family teams are invited to take part in friendly challenges and competitions, supervised by the schools, clubs and associations. There will also be a whole range of health and wellness practitioners to advise on fitness of body and mind.

Support local sport

Sports Clubs don’t just depend on players, but also on trainers and referees, first aid volunteers and team managers. Behind every successful club is a team of supporters cheer their side on, ferry them to away matches, provide cakes for bake sales and prizes for raffles. They recruit new members, manage the accounts and write the match reports. The Fair is a great place to find volunteering opportunities with local clubs, or with international sports events in The Hague, such as the 2020 Special Olympics.

Spectate and Socialise

 At the Fair’s International Sports Bar you can meet with friends and enjoy sporting action on the Big Screen. Experience a virtual visit of the amazing new Zuiderpark Sportcampus and watch Top Sport while playing a traditional pub game.

Alongside the Sports & Leisure theme, the Feel at Home Fair’s unique combination of over 150 exhibitors, performers, presenters and fundraisers will provide the special mix of information, animation and entertainment that makes the Fair so popular.

Save The Date: Sunday 4th February 2018  Don’t miss the comedy, theatre, music, workshops and international cuisine which make the Feel at Home Fair such a special meeting place for the international community international





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