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Since 1986, the HSV International Primary School has provided primary aged children with exceptional educational experiences. Generations of HSV pupils have enjoyed and thrived on the wonderfully diverse opportunities on offer at the school which has a commitment to developing the whole child to become internationally-minded leaders. Hence their motto ‘global citizenship, lifelong learning’.

With three locations situated in different parts of The Hague, the HSV, whist being a large organisation, can at the same time offer small learning environments, providing a small community feeling . The Nassaulaan building is in the centre of the city, Koningin Sophiestraat is situated in Bezuidenhout and Van Nijenrodestraat in Benoordenout.

Their students come from diverse backgrounds with a rich tapestry of educational experiences, cultures, traditions and religions. Teachers and pupils share and learn about these from each other, reflecting not only upon the differences but also the similarities. Additionally, HSV also encourage pupils to gain an understanding of the language and culture of their host country, the Netherlands.

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