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Founded in 2006, AADHAAR 4U believes that all human beings have a right to live with dignity and respect. The naturally available resources and democratic facilities are a gift to be shared equally by all men and women, whatever their race, nationality or religion.

The Hindi/Marathi word AADHAAR means support. As the name suggests AADHAAR 4U endeavors to “support” you in “supporting” destitute group of people who are mostly neglected in day-to-day life due to poverty, handicaps, and social myths. We extend help to deprived communities who need our support, our primary target is to help the poor and most abandoned groups in remote places in Indian state of Maharashtra. We plan to achieve this mainly by reaching out to orphan houses, institutions caring for handicapped people, people affected by drought, and by diseases, such as, leprosy and HIV.

 Since 2006, Aadhaar4U has completed 8 projects for charity organisations working for socially deprived people in the remote areas of Maharashtra-India.

 Inspired by the social charity institutions in remote regions in the Indian state of Maharashtra, Aadhaar4u is committed to provide support to the needy groups and to reduce pain of injustice to them so that:

– The rights and dignity of such destitute people are respected and discrimination is ended
– The financial resources of well wishers are shared and used in proper way
– The needy groups have access to normal needs of life, such as, food, water, shelter, security, health, education and other common facilities.

 AADHAAR4U is a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) registered under the Dutch Tax Authority as an Institution for General Benefit: Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI). All members of the advisory committee, organisation committee and volunteers involved in Aadhaar4U project activities, work in honorary capacity and are not paid any fees or expense reimbursement, even for travel or stay.

How can you help:

Donate to Aadhaar4u using the bank details provided below, 

Account number: 567088006
IBAN nr: NL09ABNA0567088006
Name: Aadhaar4U

Write to us on 
Email :

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