The Fair runs from 11am to 5pm, and with such a huge number of exhibitors and activities throughout the day, you might get a bit peckish!

In the International Food Court upstairs, you’ll find a range of cuisines – some you might know from home, others from your travels, and some dishes might be entirely new! We have vegetarian options, drinks and hot and cold food from India, West Africa and The Hague’s very own Bierkade! Take a moment to sit down and relax with other members of the community. From the food court balcony you get a great view of the exhibition floor.

On your way around the Fair, you’ll also find several spots to enjoy a cup of tea and coffee. Enjoy a cup of freshly roasted Bolivian coffee while you network in the Hague Talent Hub or relax in The Finse Huis Team room while the kids play nearby. You can pick even pick up a bagel to savour with your Coffee Fellows cuppa while you watch the sports demos in the Community Centre.

Some exhibitors even bring their own offerings: from home-made cookies to Kenyan delicacies and kimchi, you’ll find a little bit of everything as you explore.

Scroll through the blogs below to see the great mix of cultures and flavours you can savour while meeting new people from The Hague region.

Food for Thought

Food for Thought

All proceeds to charity. Enjoy delicious Indian cuisine while supporting our community fundraisers!

The Feel at Home International Community Fair will be back in 2021!

Until then, click here for photos and the podcast of the day. 

Thanks for coming!

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