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We live in a busy world. Everything goes fast and we don’t have the time to think about what’s actually important to us. We don’t know ourselves enough. We live the life others expect us to live.

Today, many successful people, individuals who achieved extraordinary things in their career and life, feel frustrated, unfulfilled and unhappy. Organisations struggle to find, attract and retain talent. Leaders aren’t able to inspire and motivate their employees. People feel they need a change in their career or life, but they don’t know what they should do. And if they do know, they don’t find a way to make that happen.

Research shows that people with a clear sense of purpose live longer, happier and healthier lives. That also applies to organisations. Companies that clearly define and communicate how they provide value to others are more profitable and have more motivated employees that feel proud to be working for such an organisation.


Honestly, I don’t believe that you will discover your purpose in this workshop. What I am sure about is that it will inspire you to start a journey from where you currently are, to where you really want to be. To know why you wake up in the morning, your ikigai. To be aware of your purpose and to follow the path to get closer to it.



Whether you are a leader, an entrepreneur or just a human, life is better if you know your purpose. Get the inspiration and the tools to start discovering yours.

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WORKSHOP TIME: 14:15 – 14:45






Alberto Gonzalez Otero, Founder of Just on Purpose, is an enthusiastic optimist who believes in Purpose as the driving force of positive change for individuals and organisations, as a way to be happier, feel fulfilled and make this world a better place. During my 20 years in sales and leadership roles at different companies, building and developing teams across different countries and continents, designing strategies and implementing processes, I often had a feeling of being unfulfilled. Through this journey, I got inspired by the word “Ikigai” and developed a methodology to help myself discover purpose and change from where I was to where I wanted to be. Today, I help organisations, leaders, teams and individuals discover their purpose and transform into purpose-driven. Today, I help organisations, leaders and teams discover their purpose and transform into purpose-driven.






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