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AntiLoneliness is the only International company who offers Support Groups in English, facilitated by accredited professionals of mental health care. In our Support Groups we create a safe, positive and caring environment for people who are going through a hard time in life and they would like to feel supported in their struggle. Some of the Support Groups for 2018 are about Divorce, Grief, Anxiety & Depression, Eating Disorders, Group Therapy, Complicated Relationships, Burnout.

Moreover, AntiLoneliness offers a wide variety of psychoeducational Workshops for people who would like to become more balanced and self-aware in their personal or professional life. You can find workshops for Self-Development (anger management, self-sabotage, perfectionism, loneliness, etc), for Relationships (de-toxing relationships, attachment styles, disarming the narcissist, etc) or for Family & Parenting Challenges (dealing with infertility, the good-enough parent, divorce in the family, etc).

Last but not least, AntiLoneliness offers individual Counseling and Therapy for people who would like to have support through transition, change and loss. Either within the cozy practice (in Leiden or in the Hague) or via Skype (when practical reasons, distance, finances, physical condition, do not allow access to the office), our experienced counselors and therapists can help you find more peace of mind and balance in your life.

The Support Groups, the Workshops and the Counseling services consist of the three Pillars of AntiLoneliness, supported always by A-quality services and caring professionals of mental health care.

You are more than welcome to contact us, ask questions and request for information at and 0649527633.

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