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This show was hosted by  Annebet van Mameren,  founder of New2NL, and the panellists were Robert Verloop,  Head of School of the International School Wassenaar, Lindie van Jaarsveld,  teacher,  International Waldorf school, The Hague  and Ute Limacher-Riebold PhD Family Language Consultant and Intercultural Communication Trainer at Ute’s International Lounge.

To watch the show, click on the video link.



After introducing themselves they discussed the following questions from the host and the audience on the following topics:

  • Why choose for a Waldorf education?
  • What are the differences between the four Rijnlands’ schools?
  • Should parents choose schools that offer multiple languages when they speak multiple languages at home?
  • Does Waldorf or Rijnlands offer multiple Language education?
  • What are the main reasons for choosing an International school?
  • In the Dutch system what is TTO (Twee Taal onderwijs – two language education)?
  • Should international parents speak Dutch at home with their children?
  • What mother tongue support does Rijnlands and Waldorf offer?
  • What are the differences in school fees between Dutch and International schools?

If you have any further questions for the panellists, you can contact them directly via their websites.  Their profiles are provided below.

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Ute Limacher-Riebold PhD is a multilingual Family Language Consultant and Intercultural Communication Trainer at Ute’s International Lounge. She is a linguist, communication expert and life long international. In her consultations, workshops and trainings she offers tailored advice and practical solutions to parents who raise their children internationally, with multiple languages and cultures. During this session, Ute will share important aspects international families should consider when choosing a school for their children in the The Hague area. – Ute is fluent in German, Italian, French, English, Dutch and Swiss German. For more information, visit her site or contact her at  You can also read her article: How to find the right school for your children

Lindie van Jaarsveld is an experienced Waldorf teacher from South Africa.  In 2019, she relocated to the Netherlands in order to take up a teaching position at The International Waldorf School The Hague.  Lindie holds a degree in Social Sciences with specialisation in Psychology and Philosophy, a Postgraduate Certificate in Education and a Certificate in Animal-Assisted Therapy.  She embraces the Waldorf teaching philosophy of educating the whole child – head, heart and hands!  She believes the Waldorf approach to education instils in children a love of learning, which empowers them to continue to learn and grow throughout their lives. Lindie agrees with Rudolf Steiner when he says, “There is little value in knowing plants, animals and minerals unless one can find the stars working in every one of them.”

Robert Verloop is Dutch/American and the Head of School of the International School Wassenaar – Rijnlands Lyceum. He has been working for the Rijnlands Lyceum Foundation since 2004. Before moving to the Wassenaar location he worked at the International School of The Hague, one of the other Foundation schools, for 15 years. Robert will be representing the Rijnlands International Schools, a group of schools in the area that offer high quality international education. All four Rijnlands International Schools are Dutch government subsidized schools, they share values and expertise, however, each school is unique in its own way in terms of context, location, size, the curricula offered etc.


Annebet van Mameren is the founder of New2NL, and a specialized education consultant for international families living in or moving to the Netherlands.  Annebet is Dutch and married to an American. They are based in Amsterdam and have two sons who they are raising bilingually. Annebet has a master’s degree in Organizational, Social and Personality Psychology and a research background in Intercultural Conflicts at Work. She has worked for multinational companies, lived and worked in Italy, and has a thorough understanding of the (educational) challenges faced by international families when moving to the Netherlands. She regularly shares her knowledge and experience through international magazines and websites and gives seminars and webinars on the Dutch education system to international companies, individual families, and at fairs.


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