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Ever dreamed of joining the circus? This is your chance!

Starting at 14.10 on Central park, the Koorenhuis will be running a Circus Workshop for kids aged 6 to 12 years old.

The workshop will start with a short warm up game. Thereafter, learn how to juggle and do tricks like a real acrobat. The workshop will end up with a big acrobat pyramid!

The Circus Workshop is one of many courses offered by the Koorenhuis, an art education institution open to everyone in The Hague. Koorenhuis facilitates a network of freelance teachers (either working independently or as a part of a collective) in providing lessons and courses in music, theatre, dance, visual arts and photography.

They offer art education programmes and comprehensive learning pathways for both primary and secondary schools in The Hague. In cooperation with various partners in the city, such as social and care institutions, Koorenhuis realizes special art projects in The Hague.

This workshop, like all of the other workshops on Central Park, is free for visitors. It sounds like huge fun and we’re sure there will be lots of people wanting to join on.




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