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Whether you just arrived or are already living in The Netherlands, we know it is important to find your dream home. It could be a smart move to buy a house in the Netherlands! Your mortgage payment might be lower than the rent you pay and you might even save on taxes. But there are a lot of rules and regulations.

ABN AMRO have had an International Clients desk for expats since 1992.  They are the market leader in bank and mortgage services for expats. Their advisors are fluent in English and have years of experience in helping expats to find their perfect mortgage, as well as knowledge about taxes and regulations.  

During his seminar Mr. Robert Vickers will give you all the information you need about how to buy a house in the Netherlands.


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Mr. Robert Vickers is an financial advisor with more than 20 years experience. He has advised over 2.000 mortgages, thus making him an expert in the mortgage area.

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