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And of course BNI Seagull is coming to the Fair again! The one and only International Business Breakfast Group in The Netherlands is open to new members who want to join the meeting every week in the Carlton Ambassador Hotel in The Hague. Where international business owners aiming at the Dutch market AND Dutch entrepreneurs with international ambitions help each other to business success by the motto ‘Givers Gain’. By really committing the Seagull members learn exactly how to do that – and since there’s only room at the table for ONE of each profession, there’s no competition – only support.

Guests are welcome for two times to experience this totally different way of word-of-mouth marketing… Not about NETWORKING, but about using the gigantic NETWORKS behind every Seagull entrepreneur.

You can find out more on their website:

BNI Seagull are one of the many small businesses and entrepreneurial networks at the Fair. Another example of the wealth of advice to be shared amongst our community. Don’t forget to get your Free Tickets for the Fair.  Tickets are free only if your register in advance.  Click on the orange tab for up to 4 Tickets.


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