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DwiBhumi (meaning: “two worlds”, referring to Bali and The Netherlands) is a Netherlands/Holland based Balinese dance (Indonesian dance) group that performs all over Europe.

Bali, Indonesia. An island of Goddess, mystical atmosphere, special rituals and fascinating art. Bali is a timeless source of inspiration! We would like to share our love to this island with all of you!

Our dance group consists of talented amateurs and professionals who have passion in Balinese culture. We provide Balinese dance performances, dance workshops, lectures about Bali, creative workshops and rental for Balinese costumes & decorations.

Special at this Feel at Home in The Hague Fair, we will ask you to feel a bit of Bali in our dance workshop at 12.45 in Community Centre. You can also see our performance at the Centre Stage at 12.20 & 15.05.

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1st Dance: Tari Kembang Girang at 12.20 on the podium

Dancer: Nova Marseline

The dance describes a young woman who just discovers the world, a transition from a teenager into a woman. It symbolizes colorful flowers, which gives a  joyful and cheerful life.  In Bali, flowers are normally being used as a symbol of the beauty and the joy. Dance Kembang Girang means Joyful Flowers, which costume also represents the cheerful life.

After this performance, there will be a short dance workshop about this dance, which will be given at the Community Centre at 12.45.


2nd Dance: Tari Merak Angelo at 15.05 on the podium

Dancers: Nova Marseline, Mirah Ayu Supriyono, Rima Totani, Winda Yuliani.

This dance describes 4 peacocks which play in the garden, teasing each other, showing their beautiful wings. The colors of the costumes reflect  the beauty of peacock.

Dwibhumi Balinese Dance & Culture and Indonesian Diaspora The Netherlands present the Tari Merak Angelo.

Thanks for being part of the 2021 Feel at Home Fair....join us in 2022!  


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