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What’s it like to work in an inter-governmental organisation? How could you fit in and is it a life for you? Let’s see if we can persuade you to join our family!

We believe a career in an inter-governmental organisation is rewarding.  The organisations have a purpose in support of humanity; you have colleagues from all over the world; and you learn and experience different viewpoints and you can make a significant contribution in whatever sphere you choose to work.  But is it for everyone? We hope in our short presentation to open a small window on the pleasures and pitfalls of working in these organisations.

As an example, the OPCW’s mission is to achieve our vision of a world free of chemical weapons and the threat of their use, and to promote the peaceful use of chemistry geared toward ensuring  progress, and prosperity across the globe. We do this with colleagues from many of our 193 Member States, and as such bring together a diverse perspective to help achieve this common vision.   Working together we all strive to have  a positive impact on our mission whether we are in the field or working at our HQ in the Hague.  We sometimes may not think about it but we are all heading in same direction, all working to achieve to our goals.

We hope in our session to engage with you and provide some insight into our world and to see if it might be for you?

TIME: 14:00




Merlijn Angad-Gaur

In his role as Head, Talent Acquisition for the OPCW, Merlijn sources and recruits talent from within the OPCW’s 193 Member States, for roles varying from Chemical Weapons Inspector to international Legal Specialist.  He is always on the lookout for innovations that will come to the benefit of the employees, and eager to create a better candidate experience in the recruitment and on-boarding cycle.

“I feel the most important thing is to communicate with people, to tell a story”

Speaking to that statement, Merlijn is also a composer and pianist, and as such works for film productions, various independent music productions, as well as music performances.

Steven Danilewiez 

Being Head of Talent Management at the OPCW, Steve is responsible for managing a significant part of the employee life cycle of staff in the organisation.  With his team, working together with managers, he seeks to ensure that the OPCW gets the right people at the right time and that they are trained and developed to be able to perform at their best to achieve the organisations goals.  His responsibilities are broad, covering recruitment, learning and development and performance management.

He has spent his career working for public sector organisations  working to promote social goals across health, law enforcement and disarmament. He gets the greatest buzz from working with people from across the globe and helping them to achieve their potential. Outside work, as well as being a family man he is an enthusiastic sportsman currently focussing on Paddle boarding and tennis,  although not at the same time.



This is one of a series of free lectures entitled “Finding a home for your talent” which form part of the Talent Hub presentations of the 2020 Fair. You can view the full programme here:

Raadzaal Lecture Series

12:00 Inventing the Futures of Education
By Etienne F. Augé, Principle Lecturer, Erasmus University of Rotterdam

13:00 Eurojust: Criminal Justice Across Borders
By Lousewies van der Laan, Head of Corporate Affairs, Eurojust

14:00 Careers in Intergovernmental Organisations
By Organisation for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)

15:00 How can we connect world class students with the professional work field?
An informal debate hosted by Students from World Class The Hague and International Community Platform (ICP)


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