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Näpp connects international families with babysitters who share the same cultural background and native language. This way we help children growing up abroad stay in touch with their cultural identity and mother-tongue. Our biggest goal is to provide a safe, positive, and reassuring environment for families living abroad, knowing that their kids are in the hands of someone who understands them at a cultural and linguistic level.

The company started from the personal experience of the founder, Loviisa, after she moved from Finland to the Netherlands. While babysitting in a Finnish-Dutch family, she noticed how many international families have difficulties with creating a cultural connection for their multicultural children, and how difficult it is to keep up with all the languages. At the same time, she saw the struggle of her international student friends, who wanted to work alongside their studies, but couldn’t, because they didn’t speak Dutch. Loviisa decided to connect these two groups!

Näpp is already working all over the Netherlands – The Hague, Amsterdam and Utrecht being the most popular cities. You can find over 180 babysitters, who speak 30 different languages!

Come meet us at the fair, we are more than happy to talk about everything related to children. Also, please bring your kids, we love them!

Meanwhile, you can find more information about Näpp on our website at

Thanks for being part of the 2021 Feel at Home Fair....join us in 2022!  


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