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Sink your teeth into some Dutch celebrations and customs. Dutch festivities are often based on history and tradition. In this interactive session by Verita’s Visit you’ll get a taste of some of the highlights of Dutch culture & customs. Together we will explore the Dutch ways of celebration and find similarities & differences of these festivities worldwide.

Born and raised in Delft, Vera ter Beest takes every opportunity to exchange ideas on culture, traditions and language with internationals. She loves exploring the world and makes sure she always takes stroopwafels on her travels, as they provide an easy way to start a conversation with strangers. Her studies in Communication Sciences and Spanish Language and Culture, allied to work experience in different international companies, have made her to what she is today: a copywriter, blogger and translator Spanish/ English/ Dutch, (travel) book reviewer and specialist travel agent. 

The seminar will take place during the Feel at Home Fair at 15:30 in the 1st  floor Foyer. To be sure of reserving your place send an email to



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