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The  “Sports Show” programme Toastmasters host was Amal Gupta and his local “guide” was Billy Allwood, a sports fanatic and founder of TheHagueOnLine.

During the show 10 videos were showing showcasing sporting activities in The Hague region.  The show began with a video from the Zuiderpark Parkrun group.

To watch the full video, click on the link below.

During the programme the following videos were shown.

Zuiderpark Parkrun

Sombroek Golf Academy – Golf in The Netherlands

Voorburg Cricket Club

Dutch International Storytelling Centre (DISC) – Sailing in the sea

MounaMay Dance & Pilates School

International Football Club

Lemonias Tennis Club

Direct Dutch   – Word of the hour – Lol  (Fun)

HSK Floorball (Haagse Straathockey Klub)

Hij Hokij Club  (Ice Hockey Club)

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