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The “Children’s Show” programme Toastmasters host was Johanne Bade and her local “guide” was Rohinmi Akadiri, an ISH  pupil.

The show consists of many workshops and activities to keep children and families entertained.   The video begins with an introduction of Studio Jocelyn who provide art activities for children. To watch the full video, click on the link below.

During the programme the following videos were shown.

Studio Jocelyn – Introduction

Girl guides – Introduction

Zahara Academy – Calligraphy workshop

Stet storytelling  –  Night travel

Kilkenndy School of Irish Dance – Irish Dance workshop

Studio Jocelyn – Circle illusions workshop

Direct Dutch   Dutch word of the hour – Held (Hero)

Total Football Club – Introduction

Zahara Academy – Calligraphy workshop 2

Den Haag GAA  – Gaelic football workshop

Studio Jocelyn – How to make an Easter bunny workshop

STET Storytelling

STET is proud to work with several international actors and storytellers. Sahand Sahebdivani storyteller is one of them.

The story you are going to hear is an old Persian folktale that is part of his performance, Night Travel. He was only three years old when his mother woke him up and told him they had to flee Iran through the mountains. In Night Travel, his own adventures are combined with folk stories related to him by his father; the only heritage he could take from his home country. This story gives children an insight into what it means to have to leave your country and start all over…

The performance and the recording is in English and aimed for children 7+.



Studio Jocelyn Children’s Activities

‘Free Online Art lesson for kids 10+! Sign up by sending an e-mail to

List of materials for Workshop ‘How to draw a circle illusion’
– A4 white drawing paper
– hb pencil
– an eraser
– black marker
– filt tipped pens
– white chalk
– a pair of scissors

List of materials for Workshop ‘Easter Bunny made of paper’
– download the pdf file from the website: and print it on colourful paper
– black marker
– felt tipped pens
– a pair of scissors
– a cup
– Easter eggs


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