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The Full Workshop Timetable is detailed below. Online registration is now closed, but there may be some last places available on the day.


12:00-12:30    6 steps for a meaningful career – by O’ona Souissi, Career on Purpose

Clarify your direction and get an end-to-end approach with proven strategies to raise your game in your career or your business. O’ona Souissi helps international business owners and executives build a meaningful career.      REGISTER

12:45-13:45   How to write for love and money – by Lisa Friedman, Amsterdam Writing Workshops

What does it take to write professionally? What does it mean to write for yourself? Get personalised insight into your writing at this hands-on workshop.            REGISTER

14:00-14:30   Finding jobs for internationals in The Hague – by Gerko Visée, The Hague International Centre  

Are you an international looking for the next step in your career? Join The Hague International Centre for a seminar about work and employment. Learn about the labour market and economic state of The Hague.   WORKSHOP FULL

14:45-15:15    Seeking a job as an international – by Paulina de Jong & Donna Snip-Werners, Unique Multilingual

 Are you a multilingual who is aiming for a career within a leading international company?  Experienced recruitment specialists will share tips & tricks which can help you    WORKSHOP FULL

15:30-16:00    Why volunteering is a smart career strategy – by Tetyana Benzeroual, Volunteer The Hague

Did you know that you can volunteer your way into a potential job? This workshop will help you better understand the value of volunteering for building relationships and career opportunities.  WORKSHOP FULL


12:00-12:30    Life Wisdom: Tools to build a harmonious life – by the Theosophical Society Point Loma-Blavatskyhouse

This interactive talk is an introduction to a philosophy of life, one which offers you the possibility to find solutions to life’s many challenges. Based on universal wisdom, the timeless source of all major world religions and philosophies.    REGISTER

12:45-13:45      Do expats lose out financially? – by Paul Brown, Blacktower Financial Advisors   

In this workshop Blacktower will show you how they can help you find the right financial products for your circumstances – personal or business, home or abroad – including education fee planning to savings, pension planning and sound wealth management.    WORKSHOP FULL

14:00-14:30     Change management skills for international success – by Anne Parker, The Mobile Life

The process of international relocation can be challenging and isolating. Learn key practical strategies to prepare and manage personal change to enable success for yourself and your family both personally and professionally.  WORKSHOP FULL

14:45-15:15    How to fight stress and improve self-care – by Vassia Sarantopoulou, Antiloneliness Project   

Is it possible to avoid stress? Not always. But how can we deal with that when it comes to our life? Join our workshop and find out smart ways to push back the stress and promote self-care in your life.   WORKSHOP FULL

15:30-16:00    5 Steps to adjust to your new life in The Hague – by Ute Limacher-Riebold, Ute’s International Lounge

This workshop applies a fun and engaging methodology to navigate through The Hague, get organized, find groups of like-minded people to join, and understand locals, their culture and their language.    REGISTER



12:00-12:30     Express your colour, get in touch with who you really are – by Giovanni Biancofiore & Sabrina Leone, Stichting Lovefrequencies

Quiet your minds, connect to your inspiration, and, while listening to live relaxing music, draw using the colours with which you resonate. A brief reading of some artworks will complete the session.     REGISTER

12:45-13:45    Conquering the Stage, thinking on your feet, speaking off the cuff  – a mini Toastmasters meeting

Get a taste of the Toastmasters experience. See how we can help you develop your public speaking skills. Participate and ask our members about Toastmasters and public speaking.    REGISTER

14:00-14:30     A short introduction to Dutch Painting of The Golden Age – by Zoran Kwak, Leiden University – Hague Campus

Learn more of the variety of genres in painting that flourished in the Golden Age: still life, genre scenes, landscapes, portraits and history pieces.  WORKSHOP FULL

14:45-15:15     Rapid Real Estate Purchase Path – by Karola Grünenbaum, Stark Real Estate

This is a short training programme that equips expats with the skills they need to buy their Dutch home at a great price without hassle. It includes everything a buyer needs to know about a successful purchase.     REGISTER

15:30-16:00    Tips and tools for understanding Dutch – by Ruud Higsen, Direct Dutch Institute

This workshop will point out features of the Dutch language and similarities with other languages: learn Dutch faster and be surprised how much you understand as a total beginner.    WORKSHOP FULL



12:45-13:45    Brexit and your right of residence – by IND (Dutch Immigration & Naturalisation Service)

This workshop will provide information about what Brexit means for your right of residence in the Netherlands and include a question and answer session.    WORKSHOP FULL

14:00-14:30   Learn Dutch: Feel at Home – by Kristel Kooijman, Language Institute Regina Coeli

Feeling at home is all about language! Speaking another language literally opens up your world. See and experience how Language Institute Regina Coeli could work for you.   REGISTER

14:45 – 15:15   Mothers as Leaders – by Steliana van de Rijt-Economu, Ithaca Coaching

In this workshop you will learn the five behaviours that make the difference between women who just have dreams and those who realise them, despite obstacles or family relocations.   REGISTER


Entry to the Feel at Home International Community Fair is free for visitors who reserve their tickets in advance. You can register for up to 4 Free Tickets per order by clicking on the orange button:


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