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With a record 4730 applications for free tickets in advance of the event, the 2019 Feel at Home Fair promised to be a busy day, and so it came to be! An eclectic mix of clubs, associations, schools, universities and service providers came together to share tips about getting the most of life in The Netherlands. It was a day full of warmth and fun, with visitors fully engaging in the spirit of the Fair’s community theme. Take a look at some of our photo albums below – do you spot anyone you know? 

Here are our videos of the Fair, courtesy of media partners, Diplomat TV.

And Volunteer The Hague who were delighted to meet so many interested visitors in their workshop and at their stand.


Finally Here in Holland asked visitors to the Fair “How is your life in the Netherlands?” Listen here for the podcast with lots of great stories and funny anecdotes…. Please share your photos, videos and anecdotes from the Fair so that we can add to our story:  

Thanks for being part of the 2021 Feel at Home Fair....join us in 2022!  


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