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Moving abroad as a couple can be an awesome adventure. A time rich of cultural & new experiences. It can, however, also turn out to be a time of upheaval for your relationship and you better be prepared.

Manuela Damant from toloveliveandlearn talks about about some of the most common stress points couples encounter living abroad and gives pointers on how you can deal with them, if and when they occur in your relationship.

Manuela Damant is a Leadership Expert & NLP Trainer who has finally given into the urge to do two things at once: Leadership & Love. Having felt the tug of time and babies on her own relationship and the ones around her, she began her search for ways to stay connected and in love in 2013 and after many hours of research, training and personal experience she’d now like to share what she’s discovered with you so you can remain ‘happily ever after’ too. For more information visit her website or




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